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We’ve Been Busy!

Our second overnight is complete, our action project is in full swing, and next week we’ll be going rock climbing to celebrate. 


The past few weeks have been busy ones. We met with North Boulder Recreation Center to get a look at a LEED certified building, we chose our environmental issue, and survived a night in the snow.   


Second quarter CAP class has chosen “water issues” as their environmental focus.  We narrowed down “water issues” to two different focus areas: bottled water, and water conservation.


Here are our problem statements:


Bottled water:

In the United States alone, we dispose of almost 22 billion petroleum based water bottles every year.  It is estimated that each bottle will take over one million years to decompose.  Making plastic bottles and transporting them contributes to climate change.  In addition these plastic bottles contain chemicals, such as bisphenol A, that are potentially hazardous to human health.


Water Conservation:

Water is essential for all living beings.  Unfortunately humans greatly abuse water, treating it as a right rather than a privilege.  In Boulder County we live in a semi-arid region, because of this it is essential that we conserve water.


As we’ve moved through our action project process the students have decided to create a movie to raise awareness about water in Boulder.  In addition we will be completing a clean up at a Boulder Creek this coming Friday December 12th, 2008.


 Our second overnight was, simply put, awesome.  We completed service work, practiced our fire skills, learned map and compass skills, and sang around the campfire with special guest Jeff Kagan, local environmental children’s musician.  


We spent the evening around a glowing fire, played our favorite games and threw plenty of snowballs!


Enjoy the photos and look out for a final update coming soon.


For Now… Ready







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  1. Ford Church

    You guys rock! Thanks for the update and for the amazing work you have taken on through this class. Looks like the overnight was a hoot and I’m bummed I missed it. You wouldn’t have wanted me there because I would have brought a world of hurt when it comes to teacher/student snowball fights – bring it!


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