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STRIVE Westwood Lobos and Montbello Pumas Come Together to Discover Eagles, Deer, and Each Other!

Strive Prep at Cal-WoodThis past weekend, Cottonwood Institute instructors and STRIVE Preparatory Schools students from two different campuses traveled with their teachers to Cal-Wood Education Center for an overnight camping adventure to learn about fire ecology in the Boulder County foothills. At Cal-Wood, students got to experience low impact camping while also learning and practicing “Leave No Trace” principles. For some STRIVE Prep students, this was their first time away from home and also their first time camping. Erica, a student from STRIVE Montbello, shared the following sentiment:

“I can’t believe I am doing this, I can’t believe I’m here! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The group was able to experience nature in all its beauty; they found deer remains, watched a bald eagle hunt over a Strive Prep at Cal-Woodsmall pond, and hiked to a once running mica mine. At one point a STRIVE Westwood student exclaimed, “I’ve been camping a lot before and this is definitely top 10 of all time!” In the midst of all the adventure, Cottonwood instructors also made time to connect the students with local environmental issues and increased students awareness of forest fires, as well as its importance and risk. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a service learning project that helped aid in fire mitigation. The kids got hands-on learning removing small trees that are ladder fuels for wildfires. Mika from STRIVE Montbello had this to say about her experience, “I thought the service project was going to be boring, but cutting down little trees is really fun!”

After all the learning, adventure, and connection students wrapped up their time at Cal-Wood by reflecting on their weekend. After a final rousing game of camouflage, they all returned to their schools to incorporate the weekend back into their lives at home.

Click here to check out pictures from their adventure!

A special thanks goes out to all of our supporters and funders that help make our partnership with Strive Preparatory Schools possible, including: Salah Foundation, Ladd Foundation, PeyBack Foundation, and CoBiz Cares Foundation.

Written by CI Instructor Colleen Seymour


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