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So, what are those sticks for?

Who is this buried in the snow? An enthusiastic Quinzhee builder working hard during our overnight.

For our first trip we headed up to Estes Park to participate as volunteers in Winter Trail Days. It was a busy, rich, and productive day. Throughout the course of our snow shelter construction 40-50 people came through to see what we were up to.

All in the CAP group became pros at answering questions about the architecture, sleeping arrangements, and sticks! No question was more asked than about the sticks used during the digging out process.

So, what are those sticks for? You’ll have to ask a CAP student.

On Sunday we spent the day getting to know the story of our local bio-region, in Chautauqua. Leave No Trace Principles, Blind Walking, and Orienteering filled a glorious day in the foothills.

Stay tuned for stories from our second overnight and our action project!

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