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New Vista CAP Students Love Learning About Knots!

New Vista CAP Students Love Learning About Knots!

After any Cottonwood Institute backpacking trip, I routinely ask students what they learned on the trip as a part of our larger debrief and secret pal reveal. Overwhelmingly, students say that they enjoyed learning about knots. The New Vista High School CAP class were no exception.  After their recent trip to Taylor Mountain near Allenspark, during the debrief, 100% of the students shared that the favorite thing they learned was knots!

As any experienced camper knows, knots are quite useful for many situations in the field. They are essential for hanging a tarp shelter, hanging your food using the PCT method to keep it safe from bears, and even guying out your tent to ensure it will withstand rain and wind. Even if you aren’t camping, they are also great for hanging a hammock or as entertainment on a particularly rainy day!

The students shared more about what they learned in a fun and instructional video! Check it out to learn more!

Written by CAP Instructor Amy Kopkin Atkins

See more photos from the trip here!



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