4 Responses to “Nature Awareness Hike”

  1. Bolivia67

    I personally am exciteed for this class for two reasons: to learn how to winter camp so I can go with my friend without my Dad freaking out, and to have a solid leaded volunteer experience. Hopefully I can more effectively go about volunteering and being socially active with some guidance. And are you kidding…we get to go hiking during class! Thats bloody frikin awesome

  2. astrea

    do you always take so many pictures? i normally hate getting my picture taken.. but i guess i’ll deal with it. im looking forward to camping and such…. yeah… seeya monday

  3. john quinn

    hey ford i think the class is going to be great!!! i think there are a lot of good responsible kids in the class. i also think that by the time we are done with this class almost everyone in the class will come out mentally and physcally stronger then they where before.

  4. Brant

    Hi ford, I havent been camping for a few years and am looking forward to learing how to build fires and make those snow tent things.


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