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Exploring our Sense of Place

Today we began to discuss and explore our understanding of our individual sense of place. Some of us were born in Cambodia, Brazil, and throughout the United States, but we all currently live in Boulder, Colorado and are connected to the land that surrounds this amazing town.

We were fortunate to have Lynne Sullivan, an Interpretive Naturalist with the City Of Boulder Open Space And Mountain Parks, meet us in Chautauqua Park to help us explore the cultural history of Boulder. Lynne facilitated a “show and tell” of replica artifacts from native tribes of the plains. The photo below shows us carefully handling these delicate weapons, tools, and ceremonial objects that helped native cultures survive in this area for thousands of years. We learned how the native cultures of the Front Range had an intimate connection with the land, the animals, and plants. We learned about the edible and medicinal plants in Chautauqua, and learned how each plant was used for food, medicine, and to make tools.

We also explored what life was like in Boulder 100 years ago, how the city was founded, populated, developed, and finally how the land around Boulder is being protected. Boulder currently buys private land to be used as open space in order to protect the natural integrity of the land, to give its citizens a natural sanctuary to recreate, and to protect the area from over-development.

I would like to thank Lynne so much for donating her time and for helping us have a richer, more complete picture of the cultural history of Boulder!

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