4 Responses to “Environmental Issue Hike”

  1. astrea

    hi ford
    sorry i missed the hike today, im sure it was very…………..informative. but i was sick and felt it would be best if i didn’t infect the class with my temporary additude

  2. The Kellen

    ford, the hike was great. except we only had like 4 people by the end (what was that all about?).

  3. john quinn

    dear, ford

    I think that the program is going great. every one in the class gets along with each other and things run smoothly on our hikes and other group activitys. thed nature hike was great, it was very interesting to learn about enviromental issues that face boulder and the surrounding area. I was espeicaly interested in the thing about the hawks and other birds of pray that where having there nesting grounds invaded by people. I think we should do our group action project around birds of prey or mabey even how to recycle old building matierials so that they can be reused, and that way we can save more forests from distruction.

    thanks, John Quinn


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