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Brave Centaurus CAP Adventurers Journey to Cal-Wood!

Eight Brave Adventurers Journey to Calwood!If you have ever wondered what happens when you disconnect teenagers from their technology…

Once upon a time, eight brave adventurers set out to explore the wilderness of the mysterious woods of Calwood Camp in Jamestown, Colorado. They had packed all they would need and met sharply at eight am as the talking eagle required. The great white carriage carried the drowsy adventurers through the twisting, turning road of doom. As they entered the valley of death, for which the demons called Calwood. The demons themselves never dared enter Calwood, for it was guarded by the ancient silent monks. Nevertheless, the adventurers found themselves hiking through tumultuous barren landscapes, subsisting off the land of Slim Jims and eventually they arrived at their homestead.

They set out their gear and prepared for the long hike ahead, leading them to the prophetic Angel of the Mica mines. They were nearly defeated by the riddles of the Wood creature. With the wits of Jesse, a fellow Human, the wood creature was met with his Sharingan. Events ensued, and eventually the adventures’ found themselves exploring the mystic river of Mica. The most hard core adventures delved into the mine, while the fatigued ones traveled back to the land of bones. They continued on slowly while their friends caught up to them and they all went to dinner.

Eight Brave Adventurers Journey to Calwood!They joined together around the campfire happily eating chili and roasting hotdogs, telling campfire stories. They all went to sleep peacefully until the giant gongs woke them up that morning to alert them of the coyote parties converging on them. Jesse accidentally woke up Luc as he howled back at the Coyotes to drive them away. More events ensued, and the adventurers found themselves battling the ancient bee armies of Narnia. Unfortunately for the adventurers, the deadly squabbits had also closed in on their area. The filthy, obese squabbits attempted to steal the stupendous breakfast burritos. So they devoured them (them being the burritos… unfortunately not the squabbit)  until there was nothing left. The campers went into the wood to explore and disconnect while working together to clean the mystical forest. Their long adventure then concluded as they rode the white carriage back out of the barren landscape and snapped back into the beautiful reality of the world. The darkness was lifted when the bright screen of the cellphones finally illuminated the white carriage as they left.

This fantastical blog post was written by the inaugural Centaurus High School CAP class about their trip to Calwood September 9th and 10th 2017.

Thank you to Calwood for their continued partnership!

See more photos from our trip here!


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