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CI Explore Outside Photo Challenge: January 2021

Ah January—a time to reflect, set intentions, and cave on your New Year’s resolution by January 3rd. Wait, what?

If you’ve ever failed at a New Year’s goal, you’re not alone; studies show that nearly 80% of resolutions get dropped by the end of the year. We all know that big sweeping changes are hard to maintain, so this year, what if we set our sights on small, achievable things we could do each day to improve our lives?

Explore Outside Photo Challenge


Here at CI, we know that exploring outside is one of the best things that we can do for our mental and physical health. We wanted to start off our year by challenging ourselves to get out of our desks, off our screens, and into the world– so we called in the best minds we knew to help us brainstorm: our high school Changemakers!

Explore Outside Photo Challenge Calendar


Together, they came up with our 2021 Explore Outside Photo Challenge! Every day in January, join us in taking time to connect with yourself and the world around you—and snap some cool pictures while you’re at it!

Their photo challenge idea even got featured in the Longmont Leader, so expect a high level of competition from members of the community!

How to participate:

  • Check out the Explore Outside Challenge Calendar for the day’s prompt
  • Explore outside and take a photo!
  • Upload your photo to Instagram or Facebook
  • Tag @cottonwoodinstitute and add hashtag #exploreoutside
  • Participants will be entered to win a super cool survival kit to keep you outside safely
Explore Outside Photo Challenge How To Participate


Whether you’re walking, biking, hiking or simply sitting in a beautiful place, join our Explore Outside Challenge and see what a month outdoors can do to kick-start your year!

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