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Chilly Nights, Campfire Delights: AXL Academy 7th Grade’s Outdoor Adventure!

From tent-building challenges to catching their own dinner, these 7th graders embraced the beauty (and briskness!) of Camp Patiya. Written by CI Field Instructor Hailey Schmidt

AXL Academy 7th Graders had a chilly yet beautiful overnight trip to Camp Patiya outside of Boulder, Colorado. Expecting strong winds and potential precipitation, we were pleasantly surprised by brisk yet calmer weather.

AXL Academy students gather around a campfire on their overnight tripWe started our trip by reviewing how to prepare for camping in cold weather. Students took care to set up their tents to protect themselves and their gear from wind, precipitation, and cold. With a successful camp setup, the afternoon was spent exploring their surroundings. A hike around the property was enjoyed as we saw a small herd of deer, played some games, and journeyed across a small creek. Students also used their newly learned navigation skills to move through a compass course.

AXL Academy student holding a fish they caughtWe warmed ourselves by the fire as the afternoon grew into the evening. Some students took extra care to keep the flames burning, while others were occupied by rousing campfire games. With smiles, we reflected on our favorite parts of the day while enjoying s’mores- a pleasant ending to a fantastic day!

AXL Academy student holding a fish they caughtThe next morning, energy filled the air as students arose from their tents. Chatting about their opinions on tent sleeping, the cook crew made delicious pancakes. After that, we packed up and hit the road, heading to our next destination—some ponds along Boulder Creek. Here, students got a fishing lesson and began casting. It didn’t take long for the fish to bite! There were smiles, laughter, and a couple of screams as many students caught fish over the next couple of hours. AXL Academy 7th graders returned home with unforgettable memories, newfound skills, and a love for the outdoors!

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