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CAP Week in Review

Spring has sprung and another quarter of the Community Adventure Program is off to an extraordinary start. Wednesday was our first class of the quarter and I have to say that we have a rock solid group. We began the day by going over the course syllabus, which was about as much fun as walking on coals. Regardless, we had an action packed afternoon.

After lunch we walked over to Tantra Park to learn about nature awareness. We did a few “get to know you” activities and learned that it is true that I really do idolize Kermit the Frog. We then went to our sit spots to enjoy a quiet moment by ourselves observing the natural world. After baking in the hot afternoon sun, we moved to some shade (thanks Peter!) and learned a stalking method where we practiced the art of stealth movement. In order to practice our newly acquired skills, we played a stalking game called Coyote and Rabbit. Below, Ford (the rabbit) narrowly avoids the vicious claws of Conner (the coyote). Sean’s reaction in the background is priceless.

On Friday, we had a few more housecleaning announcements to gear up for the quarter and then discussed our Action Project, which we will complete during 4 Days in May. We then did an activity where we talked about what it meant to have a good attitude and good Expedition Behavior in this class. We created a list of commitments that we all agreed to uphold in this class.

Judging from the crazy photo below, this is going to be an awesome group!

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