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CAP Week in Review – February 17, 18, and 20, 2004

We began the week by debriefing our first winter camping experience as a group. It turned out to be a very educational process as we made a list of all the positive expedition behavior/actions we observed and all of the negative expedition behavior/actions we observed last weekend. We learned that there are no mistakes in life, just learning opportunities, and man, did we learn a lot last weekend! We will review our list of positive and negative expedition behaviors before our next overnight so we can operate like a well-oiled machine for the next trip.

On Wednesday, we had the honor and pleasure of having two folks from the Boulder Co-op Market come talk to us about the positive environmental impacts of buying local and organic. We learned a great deal from Blair and Cornelius and want to thank them for donating their time and educating us about this incredibly complex issue. Wednesday afternoon, we met up with Naturalist, Lynne Sullivan, and Volunteer Naturalist, John Engel from the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks to learn about winter ecology. We learned about the various hibernation, migration, and coping strategies that insects, mammals, and birds implement to survive the harsh winter environment in Colorado. It was fun to get outside and hike in the 70-degree weather! Wait a second, isn

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