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CAP Post Course Survey, 2nd Quarter 2007

As the quarter comes to a close, I wanted to get some open and honest
feedback from this class about how to improve the CAP for
future students. This information will not affect your grade, but
please take it seriously. It will be reviewed by the school, the
Cottonwood Institute, and this information will help us secure funding to make this class accessible to other
high school students. Please Click Here to Take the Survey.

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One Response to “CAP Post Course Survey, 2nd Quarter 2007”

  1. kazmo

    well i think that CAP does not need to be improved that much… i think that maybe instead of have online homework like this, it could be printed out or something so that kids won’t have excuses like: oh my computer broke, my internet was down, i didn’t see it, ect. besides that i really think it just depends on the students and it isn’t the classes fault if they fail!


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