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CAP Overnight, Sept. 9-10th

In addition to learning about ecologically friendly camping ethics, friction fire techniques and local ecosystems on our first overnight trip, the CAP class also had a few spare moments to perfect their Kung Fu!

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2 Responses to “CAP Overnight, Sept. 9-10th”

  1. Brenda L. Hernandez Rojas

    I loved going camping with the CAP crew it was a great experience for me as well for my classmates. I will especially thank Matt Norrin, Ford Church and the rest of the teachers for all their hard work they have done on making us learn about our community and environment. I felt very proud of being there because I could express myself using the five sences not only that but, also sharing my feelings. I will always remember this experience because it made me feel proud of who I am and proud of having such a wonderful environment.


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