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CAP Learns How to Make a Difference from Service Learning Colorado

CAP students are expected to complete a Community Action Project at the end of the quarter based on outdoor and environmental issues affecting the Boulder community. In order to help us with this process, the CAP invited Garth Schaefer from Service Learning Colorado to talk to us about service learning projects. Middle and High School students across the country have taken on extraordinary projects to make a positive impact in their communities. We learned how Cole Middle School used the Earth Force Community Action & Problem Solving (CAPS) model to educate residents about how to remove lead from the water in their homes. We also learned about students from the Volunteer Task Force in New Mexico who implemented a wildfire restoration project called the Community-Based Recovery After Wildfire:The Cerro Grande Experience to positively impact their community. The CAP wants to formally thank Garth for giving us the information necessary to get started on our Community Action Project!

Garth also wanted to invite New Vista High School students to participate in and present at the Youth Leadership Conference on Thursday, December 4th, 2003. The purpose for this academy is to provide a forum for students to network with their peers and improve leadership skills. Any students interested in presenting at or attending this free conference should email Garth or contact him directly at 303.866.6867.

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4 Responses to “CAP Learns How to Make a Difference from Service Learning Colorado”

  1. cailin

    Hey everyone!
    This presentation by Garth was really interesting and i hope that the CAP class will do something extremely awesome. I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. Eric

    I agree with Cailin. Garth’s Earth Force presentation was awesome. I also thought that the movie was cool, however cheesy. But really I’m posting this to make Ford feel good about his effort on this site. Now tomorrow I can tell him that I came to the Blog and posted a comment. Yay.

  3. Garth

    Thanks for the comments:)
    I really enjoyed visiting with your class, hopefully I can help out more with the CAP process in the near future.

  4. Commander Salamander

    Nice presentation Garth. Although, it appears someone might have..uh..dozed off during the picture…


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