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AXL Academy CAP Students Spend A Day Exploring Chatfield Farms

The AXL Academy CAP students had such a wonderful time on their day trip to The Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms! There was so much to see on the property. The tour guide did a great job explaining the rich history of the property and how it has evolved over time. The kids were fascinated by the original 1800s house on the property and the collectibles inside. The tour started with a walk through the lavender garden (which smelled amazing!), a rock labyrinth, and the organic gardens. Walking through the gardens was great because we saw an abundance of delicious vegetables/fruits – it inspired us all!  Unsurprisingly, the small petting zoo and chicken coop on the property were a hit with the kid. We also learned how flowers can be used to create an array of colored dyes.

Before our tour ended we saw an impressive bee hotel that was recently crafted to increase pollination in the spring and we also walked past the enormous field of pumpkins growing for the Pumpkin Festival. I believe they said there are 3,000 pumpkins growing! The students loved everything about lunch… the food, the free time to explore, and the 8th grade boys loved playing frisbee with Zach! Following lunch, we walked a ways to see the beaver dam on the property. Although the kids were exhausted by the end, it was well worth the trek to hear all about Zach’s passion for beavers and see more of the property. The day ended with a very peaceful and satisfying sit spot that allowed us all to do a little reflection. Some other things the kids loved about the trip: the number of animals we encountered (caterpillars, frogs, chickens, pigs, etc.), fun times in the van, Johnny talking about invasive species, the spectacular views and open space. Overall, the kids were very engaged throughout the day and we all learned a lot!

Written by CAP Instructor Kristin Gorman

See more photos from the trip here!


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