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Action Project Environmental Issue Brainstorm

This week we began brainstorming the environmental issues affecting Boulder County and some possible projects we could implement for 4-Days of May. If you would like to add an issue to the list, please post a comment below:

  • Fire mitigation – Thinning projects, hauling slash, educate folks about how to reduce their fire danger.
  • New Zealand mud snails – In Boulder Creek and can get in other watersheds. Education project walking up and down Boulder creek (possibly wading in Boulder creek), talking to folks who recreate in the creek.
  • Invasive plants – Create educational flyer, go to their houses during 4-days in May and remove it from people’s yards.
  • Light pollution – Research lights that are better for light pollution and target car dealerships. How does it affect nocturnal animals?
  • Mountain lions
  • Dwarf mistletoe
  • Oil drilling
  • Mining
  • Unleashed dogs in Open Space
  • Overuse of Bobalink trail on south Boulder creek
  • Alternative energy
  • Water pollution
  • Water conservation
  • Trash/landfills
  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Overpopulation of domesticated animals
  • Raccoons
  • Rocky Flats
  • Prairie dogs
  • Endangered animals
  • GMO’s
  • Conventional farming
  • Become trained to become volunteer naturalists and educate kids during 4-Days in May.

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