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6 Things You Should Know About GMO’s

By The 1st Quarter CAP class, 2009

  • Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are creatures, like plants, that have been altered by humans on a genetic level. This involves altering the DNA of an organism to produce a different trait in that creature.
  • Monsanto, a large corporation, manufactures many GMO crops. One type of crop they produce is called “Roundup Ready.” This means that when these plants are sprayed with the herbicide, Roundup, they will not die, but all other plants will.


  • Some Percentages:
    90% of corn
    87% of soy beans
    91% of cotton
    95% of sugar beets
    Grown in the U.S. are genetically modified.
  • In Europe companies are required to label food that contains GMOs. In the U.S., despite demand for labeling from a large part of the population, companies are not required to label GMO ingredients.
  • According to the people we spoke with for our action project are many reasons for concern:
    GMO seeds can contaminate non-GMO sources.
    The spraying of Roundup decreases pollinator habitat.
    More herbicides are sprayed on Roundup Ready crops than on organic crops.
    These herbicides threaten amphibian populations and enter our water supply.

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