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1st quarter CAP: Overnight!

On the weekend of the 26th, the 1st quarter CAP class went on their first overnight!

Allenspark was beautiful, as always — and not a cloud in the sky! In fact, the only imperfection that weekend was the wind. It blew and blustered all the day and night.

But in spite of a rather sleepless night, students were exceptionally timely and were ready to have fun all weekend!

Some skills they learned: how to select a killer campsite, how to build fires (everything from one match to a bow drill) and how to survive in the wilderness when their lives depend on it. Two students made coals from bow drill sets! If you didn’t know, this is hard to accomplish. Go Alex and Francis!

And through it all, expedition behavior was prevalent. They didn’t hesitate to ask for — or give — help, and it made the trip much more enjoyable.

In all, this has been a well-bonding, enthusiastic, and integrally thoughtful group. Well done, CAP class! Have fun next weekend!


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