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DNC: Greening Denver!

This past week, Denver hosted the DNC, and with it, came several “green” events and exhibits. We at PS1 took advantage of these activities and learned a lot about what’s new in environmental sustainability. First, we attended “Partly Sunny: Designs to Change the Forecast,” an exhibit highlighting over three dozen innovative projects from around the globe that address climate change.

We learned about bike sharing programs, local farm initiatives, and even a dance club that generates electricity from its dancing patrons!

At the end of our tour, PS1 students all made a pledge to do something to reduce their environmental footprint.

Next, we toured the Xcel Energy Solar Decathlon House designed and built by CU engineering students. The house is completely powered by solar energy as well as uses many technologies that the average home owner could incorporate in their own home. Students asked lots of good questions such as, “What happens when there is no sun?, and How is the house heated and cooled down?” We even got to climb up in to the lofted sleeping area!

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