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Study Shows Giving to Charity is Good for the Brain

The good feeling you get when you donate to your favorite charity could be your brain patting you on the back.

A team of psychologists and economists from the University of Oregon
has found that donating to charity activates a part of the brain
associated with pleasure.

The study, published in the journal Science, represents a major advance
in the fledgling field of neuroeconomics, which explores how the brain
affects the way people handle money.

Even low-income people give away part of their income, the study found.
“People feel good knowing that they’re a charitable giver,” wrote
William Harbaugh, an economics professor and one of the authors of the

Source: Greater New Orleans Foundation e-Newsletter, June 29, 2007

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One Response to “Study Shows Giving to Charity is Good for the Brain”

  1. Eric Ellison

    It seems like we’ve known that it “feels good” for hundreds of years, right? I understand that now it’s been proven, but I propose this “proof”: It feels good, therefore it stimulates a pleasure center in the brain. Ask anyone who donates, or better yet finds meaningful, non-charitable ways to support causes.


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