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Raise Money for the Cottonwood Institute by Searching The Internet!

The Cottonwood Institute recently established a partnership with
GoodSearch.com and now you can help raise money for the Cottonwood
Institute by searching the Internet! You may have heard about this
website through friends, the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, or CNN. If you
use this website, which is powered by Yahoo, every time you search the
Internet, a donation will be made to the Cottonwood Institute!

You can get started now with 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to: http://www.goodsearch.com
  2. Under the section that says "Who Do You GoodSearch For," Type in
    Cottonwood Institute
  3. Add GoodSearch to your browser by going to:
  4. Start searching the Internet and raise money for the Cottonwood
  5. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues!


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