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NVHS CAP Action Project: The World Is Changing

KSPA CAP Action Project: The World is ChangingThe world is changing. This change impacts all of us in more ways than we can tell. As teenagers, we can clearly recognize that our future is in jeopardy. So for the 2019 Fall CAP class at New Vista High School, (the 50th time CAP has been taught at New Vista High School), we decided we wanted to create change to keep our future alive. To do this we created two events; a parents evening, and a presentation at Columbine Elementary school. We educated our parents, and a crowd of middle-aged people in general, on what we as teenagers are going to do about the climate crisis.

At both of these events, we gave information about how the audience could help with the climate crisis. Specifically, we taught them how to make reusable bags out of old t-shirts and shared with them vegan recipes they can use to create more plant-based meals at home. During the parent presentation, we also taught the idea of using only one paper towel after you wash your hands. We learned through a Ted Talk that if everyone tried this simple climate change solution we could save over 500,000,000 pounds of paper towels. Our goal was to spread the message that in the face of a climate crisis, every action adds up. Everyone can take personal responsibility to be the solution we need. The facts present a tale of gloom and doom but only if we choose inaction and apathy. With action, there is hope.

KSPA CAP Action Project: The World is ChangingIn addition to the presentations, we also installed a greenhouse in the garden at our school. Prior to this installation, we could maybe grow some salad greens and herbs. To say the least, the one vegetable we grew successfully was a kohlrabi. When split 6 ways, it doesn’t go very far. Now, we will be able to extend the fall and spring growing seasons to have access to local food and learn how to grow our own gardens in the future.

The time of climate debating climate change’s existence is over. It is our responsibility as citizens of the Earth to recognize that no one else is going to save our planet. These are the ideas we were trying to make known in our community because we all know it, and it’s time for everyone else to be aware as well.

Written by NVHS students Sima Zavarotny and Owen Tracy

Edited by NVHS CAP Instructor Amy Atkins

See more photos here!

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