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KSPA CAP Play Okay/No Way on Field Day, Yay!

KSPA CAP Winter Field DayLast Saturday, CAP students from KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy (KSPA) headed out for an exciting winter field day filled with games, laughter, and lots of playtime in the snow! After ensuring everyone had the all necessary gear and a delicious packed lunch, the crew loaded up in the Cottonwood van and made their way up to Caribou Ranch in beautiful, snowy Nederland. 

Upon arrival, the group got a crash course in snowshoe 101. Soon enough, they were all snowshoe pros! Once everyone was warm and all geared up, they started hiking and set out on their adventure. It wasn’t long before they decided it was time for a break to eat some snacks and play a game! The group put their knowledge of Leave No Trace ethics to the test in a riveting game of “Leave No Trace-Okay or No Way?” The group worked together to determine whether a series of backcountry scenarios were okay…or no way and after a few rounds, it was clear that everyone was an LNT expert! After playing in the snow for a little while longer, they strapped on their snowshoes and headed back out on the trail to find a perfect spot for lunch. 

KSPA CAP Winter Field DayOn the way to their lunch spot, the group stopped at an overlook to admire a beautiful view of the Indian Peaks. After soaking in the beauty on their quick break, they returned to the trail and quickly found a nice clearing that looked perfect for their lunch. Everyone settled in and enjoyed their lunches along with some steamy hot cocoa. They took some time to play and explore their new spot, and some even took a closer look at their surroundings using binoculars! After lunch and some more exploration, the group came together to share their thoughts and favorite parts of the day. Afterwards, they put on their snowshoes and began their hike back to the van. As they headed back to KSPA, they listened to music and reflected on an unforgettable day in a winter wonderland! 

Written by CI Instructor Alex Simonian

See more photos from the trip here!

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