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What is your Environmental Footprint?

Hey there CAP class. You have a couple of online tasks.

The first is to calculate your environmental footprint by clicking here: Feel free to estimate if you don’t know exact numbers.  Be sure to record your results in your journal.

2. Write a web journal entry in response to the questions below. To write a web journal entry just click on the “comments” section of the corresponding post (i.e. this one.)


  1. What were the actions that made your footprint go up or down the most?
  2. Are there actions you can take to lower your footprint? If so what are they?
  3. Were you surprised by the results why or why not?
  4. Feel free to take the quiz a second time, inserting different numbers to see how you could change your results.

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3 Responses to “What is your Environmental Footprint?”

  1. Ian Sharp

    1) food and drtnk (5), shopping, public transportation, and the impact of the building (1), the others are 0, the total earth needed is 1.8 (pretty good).
    2) eat out less, wear clothes until their worn out, fix itmes and shop less frequently, try to walk more, try to make the living space more green, grow a personal vegetable and spice garden, take more of a stand in politics, this would bring it down to 1.8
    3) yes, I thought food and drink was a rather high value, even if I’m eating locally green foodstuffs.
    4) Food and drink became 2, shopping and transportation both became 1, all the others were 0 and the total earth needed became .7! I hit all of the suggestions and then some! I did it again and reduced the earth needed to .5, I also reduced the scores to 2 for food and drink, 1 for transportation, and 0 for all the rest.

  2. Lindsey Q.

    1. What were the actions that made your footprint go up or down the most?
    Public transportation, personal transportation, and food and drink had the largest impact.

    2. Are there actions you can take to lower your footprint? If so what are they?
    Surprisingly, eating more locally grown food and preparing more meals at home sginificantly lowered my footprint. I would have thought that government policy changes would have had a greater effect, but it turned out to have less impact.

    3. Were you surprised by your results? Why or why not?
    What didn’t surprise me was the fact that my results for transportation and food & drink were so high. I already knew that my family drives a lot to get around; we can’t really bike to work or school because we live in Longmont, and it would take a lot of time to get to Boulder each day on bicycles. I actually expected the number of earths to be higher, even though 4.4 is still pretty significant.

  3. Malcolm Marshall

    1. Food. This really suprised me bacause i thought i ate healthly. But i guess that i eat meat like once a week max it raised it.

    2. I am going to try and eat a lot more efficiantly, and buy local as much as i can.

    3. When it said 3.4 earths, i litrally lost my breath. I am a generally eco-friendly person, i premote recycling, transport myself alternativly, and try to buy local. So i just cant believe what it must be like for the rest of the world, in places where they are a lot less eco friendly.


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