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Web Discussion for February 24, 2006

I would like everyone to take a moment to reflect on our Action Project focusing on air pollution and alternative fuel. In general, how do you think our Action Project is going so far? Specifically, what is going well in terms of positive actions, behaviors, successes, etc. that you have observed? Specifically, what is not going well in terms of negative actions, behaviors, set backs, etc. that you have observed? What changes in your actions or in your behaviors can you make to help improve your experience and to be more efficient to help organize our project before the end of the quarter?

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9 Responses to “Web Discussion for February 24, 2006”

  1. Brant

    I think our action project has been going well so far. I’m glad we’ve started contacting local alternative fuel organizations. The only negative action anyone is guilty of is being unproductive when we are researching and contacting people. I guess a change could be for us to stay more focused during class, although I think we’re almost done researching and once we talk to some of the people we are trying to contact, we can move on and use our time to begin promoting alternative fuels.

  2. Rachel

    This project seems to be going pretty well. Although I don’t have a passion for environmental affairs, I can see myself participating in something like the poster I want to do. What I really like from everybody is: the initiative people are taking to lead the group; creative ideas like the t-shirts; and the fun we’re having doing all of this. I’m excited for the (maybe) workshop from “Chad” of the CU Bio diesel center, and it would definitely be WAY cool if we can go visit a plant that makes this stuff!

  3. cass

    I think it’s going alright, but it just needs to kick off. Like we need to actually get out there and start spreading the word.

  4. The Kellen

    Even though I think our action project is going very well, I believe that some people are not pulling their weight. I won’t say any names but I think everyone knows who these people are. I also think that everyone else is doing an exceptional job by stepping up and pulling their end. In addition, I have really been enjoying designing the shirt and I love the ideas that we have for spreading our knowledge of alternative fuels. All in all if everyone kepps up and this ace is kept, our project will be very fun and wildly successful.

  5. Griffin

    Our action project is going well in the sense that we have a good idea on how to educate people and to spread the word about cleaner burning fuels but the negatives are that some people including my self aren’t always on task and get distracted easily but besides that its all going pretty well.

  6. john quinn

    I think that our action project is going very well. People are working well together and it seems that every one usually has something to do. The thing that I think is going badly is how some people like me and griffin get distracted very easily and don’t get much done. The way that we could fix this is by having ford or one of the action project leaders check to make sure that every one is working and on task.

  7. astrea

    I dunno. I think we definitely are getting some things done like the t-shirt, but shouldn’t this involve more “community action”? I know we’ve talked about doing stuff, but the class is more then 1/2 over, and it seems like we’ve barely started.

  8. FauverBr

    I have never done CAP before, which makes me hesitant to say if we are doing well or not. But I guess if the question isn’t in relation to other classes, than I would say we are doing pretty well. Our T-shirt looks to be a success, we have a class set up with Chad (heart, if people would stop being sick and come to class-sorry) then it would be a perfect action project.

  9. Anonymous

    I think our action project is sweet. It seems like we are getting a lot of stuff done. I have noticed that sometimes people slack off, but I still think everyone is doing their part to help out. There is still much to do and if we stay on task and know what were doing, we can really make some sort of a difference. I’m excited to see how this turns out.


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