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Journal for Friday, September 15, 2006

This week we sorted through a number of local environmental issues in order to choose a topic that will serve as the focus for our Action Project.  Our goal is to create awareness, educate and, ultimately, influence the community in which we live.  Before we venture out into the community however, I’d like you to consider which segment, or segments, of our community we want to address.  Who should we target in our effort to educate the community about the benefits of supporting green business?  Why these people and not others?  Is it beneficial to focus our efforts on a certain group, or should we try to get our message out to everyone without consideration?  Remember, I’m interested in your articulated opinion, so make this response a page in length.


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6 Responses to “Journal for Friday, September 15, 2006”

  1. Brenda L. Hernandez Rojas

    My opinion, for the “action project” is that we should all focus on what is more needed in the community.The segments in other words the parts we need to focus on are the following:
    .Fire mirigation
    .Animal control
    .Water Pollution
    .Green business
    We should contact green business before we go to “action” with our project because in that way we have a better chance on doing good work and brainstorm/plan a good way to make the community a better place by advoiding dangerous chemicals,plants,gasses etc. If we support green business then there would be more benefits and an opportunity to have a better education. We would contact these people because they are experts on talking about nature and they know what is good to do with nature and what is bad to do with nature, they will teach us different stategies on how to make our project work. Our job is to make this community/environment a comfortable place for everyone and let them know what is going on around them that can cause sickness, allergies and death. We will all work together to make the community/environment happy!

  2. Alexi Copeland

    I think we should target the local companys and inform them of the benefits of going green. These are the people selling the product, so we need to educate them.

  3. Gabe Freeman

    I think the younger our audience is, the better. Just like the tobacco companies, we need to win people over early on. We could target New Vista itself, or other high schools. College kids might be a good idea, too. I don’t think we shoud be too specific about our audience, since reaching people in mass is always good. Still, I think we could get more out of CU than, for example, an old folks’ home or even middle-aged homeowners. The more I think about it, college-aged people are the best for this. Chances are they’re looking to find somewhere to work, somewhere to live, and a car to drive. They have the biggest potential out of everybody.

  4. Sam Lee

    I think that we mostly want to focus on non-green businesses. I was in Target the other day and all the pastries that weren’t eaten were thrown away in the trash. If we educate businesses that do that food could have been composted or given away to people who need it. And through educating businesses the general public would be educated as well. If we educate just people about there homes it doesn’t get to the businesses. But people interact with business everyday, buying groceries and the like. SO the business is what we need to educate.

  5. jesse

    I think that we shouldn’t just focus on one group of people and try and focus on every one. If we only focus on one group of people or one section of the community then the only way for us to get the word around after that is either to eventually inform every group or section of the community or just hope that the poeple that we told tell other people. It would be much easier just to try and tell everyone at once instead of wasting a bunch of time giving information a bunch of times.

  6. Dylan McCarthy

    I think that we should try and target our whole community. It’s important that everyone knows the benefits of “going green” and supporting green businesses because the average citizens will be the ones who need to make the decisions of shopping at green businesses and the people who run businesses need to be convinced to go green if they aren’t already. It’s in our best interest to target as many people as we can in my opinion.


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