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Journal Discussion for Thursday November 15, 2007

After completing our first overnight camping trip, please comment on your camping experience.  Specifically, what went well for you and what will you do differently on the next weekend camping trip?  Did you enjoy the meals that your cook group prepared and did you prepare and/or pack your food with minimal waste in terms of packaging and excessive processing?  What did you find useful and important in terms of the survival skills covered? Do you think that the service project was a worthwhile endeavor and in what ways will our efforts help Calwood to preserve and protect its forests for future use?  Please respond with two or three paragraphs and feel free to respond to the comments posted by your classmates.

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5 Responses to “Journal Discussion for Thursday November 15, 2007”

  1. Carsten

    I personally enjoyed the trip even though i should have been more prepared for it. The whole food situation got kind of out of hand with bith poor preperation and food choice but it helps you learn for the next trip. I think the skills we covered were essential for this time of year when temperatures in colorado go from anywhere between 70 and 0 degrees.

  2. RubyKF

    The weekend overnight went very well in my mind. I feel like I was well prepared in terms of clothing and equipment and this made everything else much more enjoyable. Our meals were very tasty and well prepared (especially when we saw what other groups brought) and our waste was minimal. I felt that the service project was very worthwhile. We got to learn more about fire mitigation and how it’s done, while Calwood and the forest benefitted. We helped reduce the destructive power of a forest fire, and we helped make the forest more healthy by reducing the potential for beatle kill. It was also satisfying to do some physical labor, it made dinner even more yummy. I wouldn’t change much in terms of packing next trip. I used everything I brought and wasn ‘t lacking anything (more marshmallows would’ve been nice, but we lived without). The only improvement I would like to see is in some peoples attitudes towards activities and group work. Some people were a little too sinical about what we were doing and it put a damper on everyone’s mood. Overall, the trip was a success.

  3. KeelanSears

    i think that the trip was awesome. it seemed that everyone was (for the most part) prepared. some food choices were a little interesting, but it was our first trip as a group. despite getting a little tired, i also really liked doing the service project. im looking forward to our next trip, due to the fact that we know what we need to change this time, making for a good CAP camping trip.

  4. Elliot G

    I really, really enjoyed our first camping trip. For my group, the food was very tasty and all our meals worked well. We definitely should have slept on a flat surface though. I also didnt bring enough water. I thought the shelter we built was very useful to know how to make in a survival situation. The service project was for a good cause and hot some of us lazy ones to do work for the first time in a long time. Great trip

  5. mskhan1991

    As I already told that I had some problems with the packing. I will bring another kind of bag on my next trip so that I don’t have any bad pains in my collar bones. Other than that I think it was kind of cold but I had to take one for the team and face the cold winds on the hill. More food supplies with less packaging would be great on the next trip, less packaging because I saw that other groups had a little problem of too much waste after usage of the plastic bags and an extra amount of load in hands during the hike back to the parking lot. I think that like the way we worked will pretty much help the fire to slow down and it was a good idea to do this altogether and this helped us a lot and we were able to make piles in less time. Thanks to all the guys who helped. Especially Keelan, “the big guy.”


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