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Journal Discussion for September 30, 2005

Our Action Project is next week and we have been working really hard to create awareness and educate others about the Zero Waste Movement. In general, how do you think our Action Project is going so far? Specifically, what is going well in terms of positive actions, behaviors, successes, etc. that you have observed? Specifically, what is not going well in terms of negative actions, behaviors, set backs, etc. that you have observed? What changes in your actions or in your behaviors can you make to help improve your experience?

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11 Responses to “Journal Discussion for September 30, 2005”

  1. A_Carr

    In general I think our action project is going well. I don’t know how far along the other groups are, but my own group is basically finished. My group seems to be working agreeably together. We occasionally ran into bumps throughout the past week, however we overcame them. I think that I need to be more lenient when working with the rest of the class. Other than that I am looking forward to the Farmer’s Market and other culminating events.

  2. johnny_shu

    I think for the most part the majority of our project has gone really well, we’ve all been working pretty hard, and I know that for myself I probably could have put in some more effort. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone not doing what they were supposed to do. I am going to make a bigger effort to help us get closer to succeeding in this project; I know I should have done so earlier.

  3. Jacob

    I think the preparation is going great, and just like the one-match fire we did on the trip, its 90% preparation. We have all of our plans for next week, and the weeks after that well laid out. I know that I definitely have not been helping the group as much as I can…nor as much as I should. I plan on helping quite a bit more, and being quite a bit less disruptive! I think that the group is (fairly) together, and that we are going to really pull this off!

  4. Valerie

    So far I think our action project is going very well. It seems like almost all of the groups are working together very well, and getting their jobs done. Due to some computer problems my group is a little behind, but I definitely think that we will be able to make our deadline. I also think that our community gathering presentation will be very educational and well prepared. As a class we are getting along pretty well together. In class I think we’ve been working well, although on the overnight we could have worked a little better together. I think that the next overnight will be a lot better. I think that our action project will end up to be very successful.

  5. alex stern

    Since the class found out about what we were going to do for our action project everyone has worked hard to meet the deadline. On many work day’s people have made progress, and some have worked at home for it. I think that all of our successes are because everyone still has positive behavior about the goals we want to achieve. The only negative behavior I have seen is some people are not trying to get things done in a shorter amount of time. What I want to change in my actions is help more with the hands on things, not just give advice. If our class keeps putting in so much effort we should have a good final result.

  6. Jamie shapiro

    I think overall we are doing well, but there are things we could improve on. We could be more enthusiastic, it seems like we are just cruising along, and the class is not taking control. Everybody is contributing well, and it seems that we are wrapping up some of our current projects. Also, I am looking forward to our volunteer work, as is everyone, I think. The only negative aspects to our project thus far are the lack of overall leadership. Individuals are stepping up, but I think everyone, myself included, needs to imagine themselves as a leader. Personally, I need to work harder, and perhaps contribute more. If I step up the enthusiasm, the leadership, the competitive drive, and if everyone else did as well, we could create something better than a project that is “going well”, we could have a project that is unstoppable.

  7. Brittany

    I am going to write this as more of a reflection in some areas. Today we went to the farmers market to complete a piece of our action project. Personally it turned out to be a rewarding and fun experience, despite my not feeling to well and being very cold. I am definitely very proud of what the whole group accomplished. For the most part we all participated and I feel that for those who didn’t have a clue or needed some clarification about the Zero Waste Stations we were there to help and could answer almost all of their questions. As for the skit next week, I am also looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I think that we will educate the school and that hopefully they will educate others. It seems like a more interactive kind of fun way to teach the school about Zero Waste. I am also glad that even though Valerie and I have the bulk of the lines in the skit, the whole class will be able to participate in the presentation. This should make a bigger impact.

  8. Brittany

    I also wanted to say that the “crew” that worked on the flyer thing for businesses has been working really hard and that the flyer is great and you are all wonderful for being so determined and on track. You worked very efficiently and were cooperative. Although everyone has worked hard I think that you guys have been the most on task. GREAT JOB!!!!

  9. alicia

    The Zero Waste Action Project is going great in my opinion! Yesterday our class all worked really hard at the Farmers Market, and i was extremely impressed by the determination and knowledge of my fellow peers. I had a lot of fun myself, and think that we definitely got our message across to the people, and fulfilled our goal of “educating”. It also opened my eyes to how intensely people feel about recycling and composting in their community, and how much they want to do their part to contribute, too. On Wednesday we are doing the Zero Waste Skit at Community Gathering, and I am confident it will make an impact on the students of New Vista. I feel very optimistic about the progress of our class so far, truly believing everyone in Community Adventure Program has put their all into Zero Waste. Ford has been an amazing leader, enthusiastic and patient, the whole way through, and I highly appreciate Caroline from Eco-Cycle’s work with our class. She really helped us through everything, all the way from giving us a background on Zero Waste, to throwing out ideas about the skit, to thinking about a design for our Zero Waste T-shirts! I think overall our team is very cooperative and hardworking, and hopefully will continue to be so in the weeks to come. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!!!!

  10. jordan slaver

    Writing this after the action project occured, I have an advantage. But I think the action project went better than expected due to the massive support and number of contacts that we recieved. That alone will create a huge amount of awareness and help us collaborate with other people and organizations to help raise even more awareness and eventually make a significant impact on what we’re trying to do.
    out of this project we have gotten:

    -cool t-shirts
    -over 500 contacts who share the same similar concerns for the community as us
    -a better understanding for ourselves as to what we can do to help, protect, and help protect the environment.

    I can’t even get a vengo.

  11. D.Jay

    I think that the overall success on this project is pretty high. We contacted 600 sum people and gave out a good amount of out flyers. Our skit was pretty good (even though I mucked it up near the end). It was just long enough to give a full picture, but not so long that people lost interest. About the things that went wrong, well, we have some focus issues. Give any chance it seems that the class will: fall asleep, talk, text message, hack and disco dance. I do not disclose myself from this group. I love a good hack and dance off.


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