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Journal Discussion for Friday, November 3, 2006

We’re in the process of figuring out what CAP is and who our classmates are.  I’d like you to take a second and tell us a little about your first experiences with the outdoors.  I’m not very interested in bragging about how epic your mountain climb was or how many days you’ve been backpacking.  I want to know how you first started relating to the outdoors; who were the people that introduced you to hiking, camping, skiing, etc.?  What do you remember about your first encounters with Nature?  Do you think you’ve carried things from those experiences with you and, if so, how do they affect your current view of wilderness?  I’d like to hear the full story, so don’t hesitate to make this entry more than a couple paragraphs if you need to.


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3 Responses to “Journal Discussion for Friday, November 3, 2006”

  1. stephen

    The first time I was in nature was when I was in my moms stomach. She was spending time at the Shambala center. Then, two years later, we came back. From then on I was climbing around in nature. I spent a good portion of my life there and that was basically the only thing to do. I would climb up into the mountains with my friends all the time.

    I feel that has impacted me alot. It feels that I know how to run through trees and rocks without falling. it’s just a natural feeling that I get in my body when I’m in nature.

  2. carlton

    Well that is quite the question to be answered. I’d have to say it stared back between the ages of 3-7 , I lived on a small 4-5 acre farm. On this farm we had hudge grassy feilds,light forresting and of course a small frog infested pond. Growing up I would spend most of my time playing outside catching frogs, running through the the tall grass feilds, picking and eating home grown apples, peaches, and apricotts.

    So for most of my young life would be spent out side, but my dad and mom were the two who really sparked the love of the outdoors. Every weekend we would go hiking. Even as a baby they took me hiking with then in one of those baby backpacks. I remeber running ahead and looking for lizards. I also remember going to Mesa Verde many many times.

  3. brittany salley-rains

    My first encounters with the environment. Hmm… well that would have to be many years ago when I was just a small girl. My dad was an avid outdoorsy kind of guy and when I was old enough he would take me on camping trips with him. He taught me how to fish and where the best camping and hiking spots were. I remember specifically one great spot we went to. It was a ways off the trail and right on the edge of a small cliff that descended down onto a rushing river. It was the perfect size, with smooth ground for the tent and a great area for a fire. This is where I learned how to purify water from the river. I have tried to find this place again but haven’t been successful. When I was really little my whole family was on a hiking trip and I was in a little backpack carrier on my dad’s back. I was just relaxing and eating a sandwich while my dad did all the work when suddenly a squirrel jumped out of the trees onto my back. I am sure he was going for the sandwich but he didn’t quit make it that far. I screamed and then the little thing jumped off, but I will never forget that story.
    When I was older my mom and I began to go camping together and that was always really fun. I remember how we would wade our tiny cooler into the river and wedge it in between some rocks and then tie it off somewhere. It was our outdoor fridge system. Then came a long line of camping and hiking adventures in the Sand Dunes, Estes Park, all over Colorado.
    It was these and other first experiences with nature that seeded my love of the outdoors. I feel very fortunate that my parents exposed me to the great outdoors. Living here in Colorado I can’t imagine why one wouldn’t take advantage of the plethora of outdoor experience opportunities that we have. Camping, hiking, survival skills, studying animal and plant life, these are all things that I love and that bring out great enthusiasm and curiosity in me. Without them my life would be far less exciting.


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