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Journal #1

The last two weeks have been the first two weeks of our class with CAP. Mainly, we have been focusing on getting to know each other. We played a few name games, interviewed and introduced each other. We also met the founder of the CAP and went on a nature walk down the Cherry Creek bike path. There we learned about tunnel vision and wide angle vision. We took a moment to see what our senses told us about the surroundings, and learned about the water pollution in the creek. I also learned that dandelions are edible!

The second week we started to talk about big projects that we have to do. As a part of learning more awareness about environmental issues, we took a day trip up to Lookout Mountain’s nature center. There we took a small guided hike. Some of the things we learned were that the Pine Beetles are going to wipe out 90% of all of Colorado’s pine trees. We learned that Ponderosa Pines are supposed to have 100% sunlight on their needles. We also learned that if we let wild fires burn through, it would help the forest by taking out all of the dead trees.

On Friday we brainstormed ideas of what our project could be. We came up with a few good ideas, like learning about alternative fuels and making cloth grocery bags.


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