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1st Web Journal 2nd quarter 2008

Welcome to your first web journal question! 

Now that we have completed our preliminary course work: you’ve learned a little bit about your environmental footprint, spent some time getting to know the natural world, and begun to think about reducing energy use at school…

How do you feel?  Are you inspired, overwhelmed, hopeful, confused?  Do you find it motivating to learn this information?  Are there some concrete actions you will take in your life given the information you learned? 

Journal Entry Guidelines: 

The standard 4, 3, 2, 1 grading scale outlined in the syllabus will apply to these required journal entries. I expect you to put at least 15-30 minutes of time thinking about the question, writing and editing your response, and posting your comment. Comments that contain 2 paragraphs of well articulated thoughts with no spelling or grammar errors will receive a grade of a 4. If your journal entry is only 1 or 2 sentences you have not spent the time, energy, and level of thought I am looking for and will receive a grade of a 2 or 1. Because this is a public forum, proofreading, spelling, and grammar are key!

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2 Responses to “1st Web Journal 2nd quarter 2008”

  1. alex stern

    I have been in the C.A.P. class for a few weeks now, I am excited to do something rewarding for once. Since I have two hours a day in cap class I just want to see what kind of a difference I can make in the world with just that short amount of time. I know that even when the class is over for the quarter the work that we will do in the action project will stick with me for a long time. The reason for this is because once I have taken the time to learn these valuable things I will have no problem sharing it all with my peers. That is just a few reasons why I am going to love the rest for cap.

  2. zander

    I have some really mixed emotions around what we’ve learned so far. Its crazy to see all the things I will use in my life time, and to think about how much it adds up. I feel like there is a lot I could do to change my life in smalls ways that would lower my environmental impact greatly. Though when I read that article about how it will really have no impact, it really thew me off. I guess I knew i wouldn’t personally change anything, but it just being said so blatantly made it seem like the sacrifices I would make to benefit the environment would really only be for the principal of it, and feeling good about myself and not actually helpful to the environment. Or at least in such a little way that it isn’t statistically significant or even noticable. The article we just read said we need to multiply not add, meaning join the cause and help spread the movement, not just do it yourself, but I wish it would elaborate on how to do this. Hopefully we will address it in ths class.


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