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The Earth Task Force is Coming…to New Vista High School!

What is the Earth Task Force? We are a club, a group of students and adults who really want to help the environment. “It’s so awesome that we can actually make changes in the school and see them happen!” – Aleyna

What is the ETF up to? This year, we are heading a green-school initiative to lower the environmental footprint of New Vista High School. We are focusing on three topics for the year: Energy in February, Waste/Recycling in March, and Transportation in April. “I’m super stoked to do stuff to green the school.” – Sean

Okay, so what are you doing right now? Well… We need an artsy logo for our club, and since New Vista is full of artistic, creative people, we’re organizing a school-wide logo-making cosntest that will simultaneously let everyone know that we’re here! “It [the art contest] gives a chance to let people’s art go on t-shirts and all over the place.” – Malcolm

The logo chosen will be printed on t-shirts, newsletters, websites and more!

To prepare for Energy Month in February, we will be having an energy audit at the school to tell us, specifically, what can be improved at school.

Finally, there is going to be a school-wide launch in January that will really let everyone know about the great work we’re doing!

“I am truly excited to become a leader in our school and join this incredible process…” – Aaron

Thank you, and you will be hearing more about us and from us soon!


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