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TLOG for October 9th

The Community Adventure Trip Log (TLOG) is a tool that we use to document each trip. Students can use this as a reference and template for coordinating their own trips outside of this class and future CAP classes will use this information as a reference for future trips. This is also a reflective tool for students to document what worked and what did not work for future outings.


Basic Trip Information:

  • Trip name: Camp Ora Penn
  • Dates: October 9-10, 2004
  • Location: Take Broadway to Canyon and go left towards Nederland. Go to the traffic circle in Nederland and take 72 South towards Central City. Start heading out of town and a mile or two outside of town, take a right on Magnolia Road (#132W). Follow this dirt road all the way down to the last road on the left and take a left up the road. If you go too far, the road will dead end and you can turn around and take your first right. Follow this road (if there is not too much snow) and you will see a gate on the right for Camp Ora-Penn).
  • Name of students on the trip: Leo Canner, Ashley De La Vega, Francisco Gonzalez, Jared Guy, Zayn Hood, Noah Ierley-Moss, Caylin Jensen, Dane Jensen, Michael Kilkenny-Patrick, Zoe Kline, Roxanna Sears, Nathan Spaulding.
  • Name of adults on the trip: Ford Church, Meghan McCracken
  • Transportation used: Private vehicles
  • Estimated round trip transportation mileage: 53 miles

    Land Management and Permitting:

  • Land agencies involved and contact information: Boulder YMCA, 303.443.4474, Mike Eubank.
  • Specific maps used: Indian Peaks/Gold Hill
    Permit information: N/A because we obtained permission from the Boulder YMCA to use the land.

  • Land management rules and regulations: N/A.

    Emergency Information:

  • Identify students and adults with medical training and indicate current level of training: Ford Church
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