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The Buzz from CAP this Quarter!

This past quarter of CAP, the class has learned many interesting things. They learned about bees, pollinators, survival skills, and tips on camping. One of the main things CAP focused on was colony collapse disorder (CCD), which is the disappearance of worker honey bees. Another is wilderness survival skills, which is teaching the class how to make it in worst case scenario situations in the wilderness.

The class has recently been working on a mural related to colony collapse disorder (CCD) and has been making flyers to support local beekeeping and to support saving the bees. The causes of CCD are unknown, but many theories connect to a host of issues: parasitic Varroa mites, pesticides and even radiation from mobile phones. The best thing we as individuals can do, is buy local honey and support bee keepers; or even start your own hive.

The class has also learned about basic survival skills.  In the image to your left you can see one of the CAP class students making a fire on the overnight trip with the coal made from a bow drill.  The class has learned fire skills, how to find/make shelter, how to identify edible plants, how to find and treat water to drink, and simply how to calm down and take a breath.  This class has absorbed so much knowledge!  The sky is the limit!



Written by: Myra Noble, freshman student at New Vista High School



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