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Out of the Office and into the Soil: Volunteer Day at the Learning Garden!

On a sunny morning in July, the Learning Garden at New Vista High School pulled Cottonwood Institute staff away from their computers and dove into the soil.  Cottonwood Institute staff, donors, students, and friends volunteered their morning to work side by side to pull weeds, harvest food, and plant root veggies. They harvested heaps of healthy beets, kale, and chard in the front gardens. After preparing the beds in the back garden, they planted carrots and red, orange, and yellow beets to be mature in time the New Vista local lunch in September. It’s time to plant the greens to fill out a balanced meal for the local lunch, so the next volunteer garden day will be next Friday, August 9th at 9am. Come on down and get some dirt under your nails, rough up your knees, strengthen your back, work on your farmers tan, and best of all, enjoy fresh air with friends from Cottonwood!

“You never know what to expect when you’re asking people to give up valuable time in their busy lives to volunteer. I was so amazed and felt so grateful and excited to see so many students and friends of Cottonwood show up to learn about, care for and beautify our Learning Gardens! It was so rewarding to see smiling people with handfuls of freshly harvested nutritious food along side of others preparing our beautiful soil to receive seeds that will turn into beets and carrots for New Vista High School’s local lunch in September! It was a very special day full of great learning, amazing people and beautiful energy! No doubt our plants were smiling too!” – Melanie, Garden Coordinator

“Pulling weeds from the community garden provided me the time and opportunity to clear my mental garden, as well. I truly cherish the chance to work the Earth with vibrant young leaders to grow stewardship and healthy food.” – Matt Holzmann, Cottonwood Institute Supporter

In the spring, several teachers at New Vista integrated the garden into classes such as Pre-Calculus and Gothic Literature. Stay tuned for exciting developments in how students and teachers will use the garden this fall! Please email Melanie Goldbort at mgoldbort@yahoo.com with any questions or if you would like to be involved with the gardening program. Remember, all are welcome to the volunteer gardening day next Friday August 9th at 9am!


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One Response to “Out of the Office and into the Soil: Volunteer Day at the Learning Garden!”

  1. Katie Craig

    Such a fun day!
    Our next volunteer day is this Friday August 9th at 9am. Come play in the garden with us!


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