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Nonprofit Marketing and Development Internship Position Open!

The Cottonwood Institute is looking for a Nonprofit Intern support our Director of Marketing and Development. The Cottonwood Institute is a 4-year old non-profit based in Denver, Colorado. We are looking for an entrepreneurial self-starter who is interested in helping a young non-profit succeed in a competitive market, while building an impressive portfolio before entering the job market.

The Nonprofit Intern will work closely with the Director of Marketing and Development to help refine and execute the responsibilities for marketing our educational programs and assisting in the development of funding initiatives for our organization. A majority of the work for this internship may be completed off-site if the candidate has access to a computer with internet access. The Nonprofit Intern will also attend strategic community events and conferences throughout the year to help promote the Cottonwood Institute and our educational programs. There may be opportunities for skilled Interns to consult with the Cottonwood Institute as an instructor and receive payment for teaching courses. For more information about job openings with the Cottonwood Institute, Click Here.

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