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Leprino Foods Corporate Outing Ignites Fires and New Ideas

20140724_155726Cottonwood Institute had a great time on a one-day outing with Leprino Foods last week. This corporate team-building and survival skills day took participants up to White Ranch Open Space outside of Golden where they bonded over games and competed in team activities from fire building to sit-spots and shelters to the circle of metaphor.

The group spent the day connecting with each other and exploring new experiences both inward and outward. Some favorites included a few quiet minutes in sit-spots to center and take in the many senses of being outdoors and away from the office. Juxtaposing this quiet activity were the fire skills in20140724_143549 which teams used strikers to light cotton balls and learn the basics of fire. Then they moved up to one-match bundles and lighting full fire lays in fire pits. This was definitely a favorite activity from the day and provided a great outlet for the pyros in the group!

Another team activity was debris shelters in which teams of four spent a slim thirty-minutes creating a survival shelter from downed debris and pine needles. Each team had their own style of working and creating. Points were kept, but at the end of the day everyone felt they had ‘won’ by learning more about their co-workers and spending some quality non-office time together.

20140724_145032They wrapped up the day with a group reflection in which many valuable insights were shared. After the short trip back down to Golden, the group enjoyed a few beverages from Cannonball Creek Brewing before heading home with new ideas from this great day in the field.


Check out more photos from the day on our share site: www.leprinoci.shutterfly.com/

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