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How Cottonwood Institute is Responding to Coronavirus

Cottonwood Institute is tracking the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we look forward to resuming our field programs and getting back outside as soon as it is safe to do so. Until then, we are working hard to support our Front Range communities so that students can continue to build their connection to the natural world and develop the leadership skills needed to take on challenges in their communities.

We continue to develop new resources to serve both our current CAP students and any other students and families who need support during this time of distance learning. Below are a few of the projects we are working on. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating or accessing any of these resources.

“Thrival” Kits

Our CAP classes will continue this fall via online learning. To ensure that students can continue to foster their own nature connection and build critical outdoor skills while at home, our team is creating “Thrival” Kits that will supplement online programs with hands-on activities. Students will receive seeds and potting soil, a length of parachute cord to practice tying knots, and various other materials to take on projects that supplement what they would be learning in the classroom.

CAP classes will meet multiple times per week online and will continue to progress toward developing a student-directed Action Project, where they will have the opportunity to tackle an environmental issue in their community.

CI Coronavirus ResponseOnline and Offline Educational Resources

We have been collecting a few of our favorite online educational resources to help students remain connected to the natural world, while obeying social distancing and stay at home orders.

However, these resources alone cannot replace an in-depth environmental education curriculum, and may not be accessible to members of our community who do not have consistent access to the internet. As a result, Cottonwood Institute is working to create both online and offline resources to share with families. These resources may include videos, games, craft projects, and nature awareness activities that can be completed from home or a nearby green space with minimal resources.

Community Resources

Cottonwood Institute has also been collecting a list of financial resources for Front Range families experiencing financial hardship due to the Coronavirus crisis. We are working closely with our Field Instructors to help them find part-time work to supplement their income while our programs and many others are on hold. Please contact us if you have an opportunity to share.

We hope to continue finding creative ways to support each other during these difficult times, and are in contact with many of our community partners to assist their efforts. You can read about what we are doing to ensure the safety of our students and staff here, and we look forward to seeing you back in the great outdoors soon!

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