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Cottonwood Institute Receives Matching Gift from Jack Johnson!

As it turns out, in addition to being an amazing musician and singer songwriter, Jack Johnson is also one really cool guy. At his concert on August 17th at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the Cottonwood Institute was chosen to be one of five local non-profit organizations to be featured at the Village Green at the show. Village Green is an aspect of Jack Johnson’s work to support local and international non-profit organizations. Part of the package is that Jack pledges to match the amount of donations made to these organizations through the All At Once community and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. We are very happy to announce that the Cottonwood Institute met the maximum match of $2,500 and raised a total of $5,000 to benefit the Griffith Scholarship Fund!

Plus, get this! Before the show, Jack and his wife Kim made a special visit to Village Green to personally introduce themselves and spend time with each one of the non-profit organizations. In addition, before the show he played four songs on a small stage next to the booths to draw more attention to the organizations. All in all, the Jack Johnson concert was a large success for the Cottonwood Institute. Thank you Jack Johnson!!

Congratulations to the following winners associated with Jack Johnson’s challenge:

  • Jeff Aitken of the Fluid Coffee Bar won 2 tickets to the concert through the Base Camp Bash silent auction.
  • Stephen Cordova won 2 tickets through the Summer Course registration promotion.
  • Pat and Fen Barry won 2 tickets through the Cottonwood Institute donation drive.
  • Matthew Moluf won 2 tickets through eBay Giving Works for nonprofits.
  • Mandy Gonzales won a Chipotle burrito party for ten through the mailing list drawing at the show.
  • Evan Christensen was the top donor at the concert and won an Official Cottonwood Institute Survival Kit.

The Cottonwood Institute would also like to offer a huge thanks to Jack Johnson and his team for making all of this possible, Tiffany Fourment and Teal Meiling for their time and energy volunteering at the show and Jessica Church, Emily Stewart and Becky Ross for all their help preparing for this event!

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