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STRIVE Prep – RISE CAP Students Enjoy a Fun Winter Adventure at Mud Lake

winter adventure at Mud LakeThough the snow was sparse, STRIVE Prep – RISE CAP students had a fun winter adventure at Mud Lake Open Space. We started the day by struggling to put on snow pants, extra layers, and snowshoes, which was an entertaining experience for all. When we arrived at our destination, we packed up our sled, grabbed some snacks, and hiked to the lake. Looking across the empty frozen lake was mesmerizing. The students rushed to the lake as soon as it was in sight and expectedly tested if they could step foot on the frozen edge.

After petting some friendly dogs and watching some ice skaters, we continued our hike around the lake. About half way through the hike, we stepped off the path to make some hot cocoa. This seemed to be the students’ favorite part of the day, of course! While some students helped with cocoa making, others practiced making small fires with flint and steel strikers. After enjoying the hot cocoa, playing a few rounds of camouflage and predator vs. prey, and a short snowball fight, we hiked back to the car and ended the day with a late lunch.

winter adventure at Mud LakeHere’s what a couple of students had to say about their first CAP trip:

“I learned a lot during the winter trip. One thing that I learned was that going into the woods was fun. The trails were marked with blue diamonds which kept us safe but we had the freedom to do whatever along the trail. I also learned that lighting cotton balls on fire with vaseline could supply a small quick source of heat that could be useful if stranded.”

“I learned how to make hot cocoa out of snow. After this experience I have learned to leave the place that I was in as it was found , so basically leave no tracks.”

Written by CAP class instructor Christina Guevara



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