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Quote for September 17, 2007

Only those, who work hard can think of achieving something. Sitting idle or hoping for results without making any effort is nothing but foolishness. ” – Sam Veda

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One Response to “Quote for September 17, 2007”

  1. ginny_w

    Many people around the United States and all over the world sit around and watch the destruction of our Earth before their eyes.
    Most assuming that our Mother will “fix” herself.
    But do these people stop and think of how she will fix herself?

    I find it unfair. If those people got off their fat bums and stopped being so lazy then I truly believe we would achieve something.
    Maybe a better enviroment or maybe even world peace.
    (whirrled peas! hehe)
    I don’t think people are confident enough to believe that they would make a positive impact.
    Either they are too selfish or just brush it off their shoulders or expect others to do it.

    The lack of empathy and compassion is bothersome as well.
    If people had empathy towards this Earth then maybe her destruction wouldn’t happen so rappidly.

    Money and power are controlling humans. It is not natural, and it is the leading cause of our Earth’s destruction.

    Sorry folks, but this destruction is not going away anytime soon, but if more people understand what
    their stupid need for power and money is doing, then maybe it can be resolved and restored.

    There are also so many little things people can do help!
    I just don’t think they realize what they can do.
    Through education
    and through experience,
    and a change of mind,
    then I think we can turn this problem around.

    It is unfortunate how things are ending up, we are destroying something so beautiful and it is sad.


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