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Quote for October 22, 2007

My experience leads me to believe that the main distinction between those who fully participate in their communities and those who withdraw into private life doesn’t rest in the active citizens’ grasp of complex issues, or their innate moral strength. Instead, those who get involved view their place in the world very differently. They have learned specific lessons about approaching social change: that they don’t need to wait for the perfect circumstances, the perfect cause, or the perfect level of knowledge to take a stand; that they can proceed step by step, so that they don’t get overwhelmed before they start. They savor the journey of engagement and draw strength from its challenges. Taking the long view, they come to trust that the fruits of their efforts will ripple outward, in ways they can rarely anticipate.” – Paul Rogat Loeb

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2 Responses to “Quote for October 22, 2007”

  1. mskhan1991

    I totally agree with you and according to what you said, the people who take up on things and start working right away make the biggest impact. The lesson i got from this was that we shouldn’t drown in our busy lives always but instead should take out time to find out more about the environment. We should take time to spend some time with the environment and understand its feelings.

    As I was reading the posts before this one, I came across almost the same post in which it said that most of us sit and watch the environment being demolished and we wait and think that the sweet mother earth will fix itself.
    “I say that if the mankind wouldn’t do anything about it and everybody keeps thinking that the planet Earth will fix itself then I think it is impossible to bring the earth back to its original position.”

  2. jacob wilson

    i agree and i think that everyone should somehow get involved in there community, not only just donating money but also physically volunteering.it not only teaches yourself about where you stand in your community, but it also helps the place you live in and its another step to making the world a better place.


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