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Denver Green Schools Winter Field Day at Caribou Ranch

The two CAP classes from Denver Green School (DGS) recently went on our first trip of
the semester; A Winter Field Day at Caribou Ranch. We took 17 students, Keith Truitt from DGS, CAP Instructor Colleen, and 4 other Cottonwood Institute instructors. We drove up into the mountains to do some snowshoeing and winter activities. During the ride up, it was a little sad not to have our phones with us, but we were able to talk, hang out with our friends, and make each other laugh.

Once we arrived, we ate lunch, then did some snowshoeing. It was a new experience for many of us, and we had fun learning how to walk in them and helping each other out. Walking in the snow can be tiring! Although it was cold, we kept warm by layering up and staying active. After a short hike, we broke into two groups to do our winter activities. One group learned to build a snow shelter called a quinzhee. The snow shelter activity was fun –  we all worked together well, and we all were goofy at the same time. This was good for us because we learned how to be safe in the mountains, and how to work better with one another. The second group made nature art and sculptures from natural objects they found, inspired by their surroundings.

One of our favorite parts of the trip was walking around and seeing all the different sculptures that people made. After our winter activities, we packed up our gear and headed back to DGS. Many students helped pack equipment and felt proud knowing what a helpful people they can be. The breathtaking mountains and trees were one of our favorite parts. We wish we had more time to just take in the beautiful views of the mountains and the snow without any distractions. Before the trip, many of us didn’t really know how calm and peaceful nature really is because we are always in the city. Despite the cold, we enjoyed the wondrous views and the adventure of snowshoeing.

From this trip, we learned that there are a lot of different things you can do in the snow, and that it is way colder than it is here in Denver. Many of us  already love nature and experiencing the outdoors, and that only grew after this trip. This trip was very fun and exciting, and it definitely made us have a relationship with more of our classmates. As one student said, “The entire trip in general was way more fun than any normal day back at school!” We are glad CAP gives us the opportunity to experience new places and activities.

Overall we enjoyed our Winter field day and we are really excited for our next overnight camping trip in May!


Written by: CAP class students

See photos from our trip here!



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