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Community Cleanup Day!

Hey, everyone! The City of Boulder is hosting a Community Cleanup Day on Saturday, May 16th. It goes from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., and there’s an ice cream social at Scott Carpenter Park directly after (only go if you volunteered for the morning)!  PLUS, everyone who participates will get a one-day pass to Boulder Reservoir!

-What you’d be doing if you volunteered:
cleaning up Boulder! You’d remove trash and recyclables from various sundry places,plant flowers and pull weeds in/from parks and greenways!

– How to sign up:
You can register, either online or by phone, as an individual or as a group — bring your friends!– by may 13th. For more info, call 303-413-7245.
Also, you choose the location you want to help clean up from the following list, and on-site project leaders will help provide supplies and direction.

Locations to chooose from:
• Andrews Arboretum
• Bear Creek Greenway
• Bear Creek Underpass at Broadway and Table Mesa
• Chautauqua Park
• Columbia Cemetery
• Dry Creek Trail
• Elmer’s Two-Mile Creek Greenway
• Foothills Community Park
• Four Mile Creek Greenway
• Goose Creek Greenway
• Goose Creek Underpass at Foothills
• Harlow Platts Park
• Mount Sanitas Trail
• Scott Carpenter Park
• South Boulder Creek Greenway
• Skunk Creek Greenway
• Skunk Creek Underpass at 27th Way
• Skunk Creek Underpass at Baseline NE side
• Skunk Creek Underpass at Broadway W side
• Wonderland Creek Underpass at 30th & Iris

Visit BoulderParks-Rec.org for a map of these locations

Website: www.BoulderParks-Rec.org

I hope everyone can come!

Have fun,
~ Josie

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  1. Ford Church

    Thanks for posting this Josie and for taking the initiative to make Boulder and even better place! Keep up the phenomenal work!



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