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CAP Web Journal Assignment Handout

If you lost your handout for the Web Journal Assignment due at the beginning of class each Tuesday, please Click Here to download the file.

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2 Responses to “CAP Web Journal Assignment Handout”

  1. kris

    What is nature awareness? To me, nature awareness is knowing and understanding what is happening in nature. For example, knowing where National Forests are located and how to protect open spaces. Also, nature awareness is being involved in protecting nature and the wildlife within it. That is what I think nature awareness is.

  2. kris

    To get America to reach a tipping point everyone needs to be educated about how to help, and take steps to saving the enviornment. Also hybrid cars need to be less expensive so that we can get every one using hybrids. Mostly we need to get everyone to recycle, drive hybrids, and use alternitave energy sources.


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