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CAP Students Reflect On Another Amazing Quarter

As Community Adventure Program (CAP) students reflected on another amazing quarter, they came together as a class and had a blast learning and playing on their overnights and at school.  They researched food issues and developed a great sense of what goes into making and eating quality food. But, as usual, the main takeaway was an appreciation of the outdoors and each other.

“Going through this class made me gain a stronger sense of acceptance, respect and teamwork!”    – Zoe Clark

The overnight weekend was a huge success.  There were some great moments shared and remembered from looking out over the valley towards Long’s Peak.  Many students commented on the vast stretch of trees and amazing feeling of not seeing much evidence of people.  The CAP class made a solid quinzhee on our overnight and learned a lot about staying warm in the Colorado winters.  They worked well together, and played even better.

“CAP was much more than surviving in the wilderness, it was about having fun while you learn how to keep yourself safe and really paying attention to what’s going on around you in the world you live in.”  Jordan Hartnett

The class grew in their awareness of the world and how we treat it.  They looked forward to class and time to work on their project.  They were a fun talkative group that put some great effort into their learning.

“I rarely look forward to classes, but this was one I was happy to have in the afternoon as it was always a really mellow class where we could talk about different issues and learn about the wilderness.”   Kai Sharp


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