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AXL CAP Students Get Lost in the Beauty of the Mountains

AXL Academy Spring Overnight 2019One cold yet sunny day in April, AXL Academy CAP students left school to go somewhere better. Somewhere with no internet. Somewhere where they could get lost in its beautiful views. The woods.

They got into the van and took off towards the mountains. When they got to the campsite, some students recognized the spot from their CAP trip in the Fall. Zach explained some ground rules before setting off into nature. They set up tents…some groups were quicker to catch on than others. Zach and Ms. G helped out the groups that had little experience setting up tents. A couple of groups got their tents up quickly, so they got to hang out and attempt to sleep before lunch. The first round of selected chefs helped Vicki set up a lunch of sandwiches and snacks.

Afterwards, the group went hiking and the view was beautiful. Although a couple of students struggled to get to the endpoint, everyone persevered! Everyone took many pictures and some even dared to dance on the peak. When they got back on the campsite, most students started playing gaga ball and it got pretty competitive.

Everyone (including the instructors) was hungry by dinnertime and awaited the much anticipated burrito bowls. While some made food, others helped with dishes and gathering sticks to create a fire. After dinner,  there was a cozy campfire and s’mores. Ms.G had the best s’more of her life! Everyone took a glance at the stars and headed to their tents to get some sleep. As expected, some students went to bed right away while others could be heard giggling into the night.

AXL Academy Spring Overnight 2019When it was morning, everyone woke up and got ready rather quickly so they could eat breakfast. Vicki planned a spectacular oatmeal and fruit parfait breakfast. It was a great way to start the day!

As the chill of morning gave way to a sunny, beautiful day, the group got to freely explore in nature. The students thoroughly enjoyed a couple rounds of camouflage. It’s a crowd favorite. AXL students ended the trip with some thoughtful reflection and a quick lunch before hitting the road. As the van sat in traffic on the way back to school, students yearned to go back as they looked out their windows towards the mountains.

Written by AXL CAP co-instructor Kristin Gorman

See more photos from the trip here!


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