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Green Building, Bees, and Local Food!

We began our action project week at Resource 2000 helping around the yard to learn about building green by using reclaimed materials. In exchange for our work we received tiles, fencing, and a few other necessities for our garden.

In the afternoon we met with Ryland Gardner of the Boulder Green Building Guild to hear more about things we can do around home to reduce our environmental footprints.

On Thursday we had an amazing visit from beekeeper Christina Allen. Amongst the many amazing things that we learned about bees here are a few facts:

  • It takes bees 10,000 trips between flowers to make one teaspoon of honey.
  • If you see a bee at a flower it is a worker, and therefore a female.
  • Bee populations are declining and we still don’t know exactly why!
  • When there is a lot of nectar in an area bees do a dance called “the bee dance,” which lets other bees in the hive know they should head out and look for nectar.

Students made a bee mural which will be placed in our garden!

On Friday we continued the labor intensive work of digging our garden and planting our seeds! Alex from Growing Gardens joined us to work in the morning.  As well as garden planning help, we received seeds, plant starts, and discounted compost from the generous folks at Growing Gardens. Thank you!

Students toughed it out in less than ideal weather (rainy and 40’s) to create New Vista’s own local food and pollinator garden. We’ll be putting the fence up this week and preparing for our grand opening later this month!

Well done CAP class, we’ve completed another successful action project.

More Pictures Below.

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