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Introducing The Seedling Monthly Giving Program

Cottonwood Institute is excited to invite you to join The Seedling, our new monthly giving program.

Revision Urban FarmingThe Need: Public school students have shared that they feel isolated and alone, and that they are craving the meaning and purpose that CI programs provide. CI needs help raising critical funding to support our students and programs during this challenging time.

The Solution: The Seedling Monthly Giving Program provides passionate people like you an opportunity to join our growing community of monthly donors who are committed to inspiring a new generation of public school students to become leaders, problem-solvers, and changemakers in their communities.

How To Join: To join, simply click:

  • Join Now
  • Select your donation amount
  • For donation frequency, click “monthly”
  • Enter your contact and payment information
  • Click “Next”

What Funding Will Support: Contributions to The Seedling Monthly Giving Program will provide the critical funding CI needs to support its students and programs wherever the greatest need is. For example:

  • $100 per month can help 12 CI students complete CI’s Explore Outside Program.
  • $75 per month can help pay for 1 student to complete CI’s award-winning CAP Program.
  • $50 per month can help CI provide 12 CAP students with the supplies they need to design and implement an Action Project to address a hyper-local environmental issue.
  • $30 per month can help buy 12 “Thrival Kits” with the supplies students need to complete CI CAP and Explore Outside programs.
  • $10 per month can help pay for 1 student buy the essential outdoor gear they need to explore outside.

Join Today! Invest in CI’s long-term sustainability and success and Join The Seedling Monthly Giving Program today!

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